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6 Ways to Stay Young at Heart

How to stay young at heart

We’re sure you’ve heard Frank Sinatra belt out that beautiful tune, “Young at Heart,” but exactly how does one gain that youthful state of bliss? We’ve put together a quick list of six ideas that’ll give you a (pardon the pun) “head start” on doing just that.

Do something scary

Get yourself out of your comfort zone and do something that frightens you. Whether it be calling an old friend, going on that epic trip to Bora Bora, learning how to swim for the first time, taking up the violin, or singing karaoke in front of all your friends, know that all of these “scary” activities are good for you. Whatever you decide, aim to challenge yourself with something new every day. Doing challenging activities like these are good for your brain because they help you stay curious, sharp, and increasingly educated.

Quit acting your age

Has there ever been a time when you wanted to go swing on the swings, do a handstand in the pool, blow bubbles, finger paint, or partake of some other youthful activity? It’s likely you’ve stopped yourself because “mature adults” wouldn’t do such things. It’s time to forget that mentality. Stop acting your age and just be yourself. When the opportunity strikes, go do those fun things. Who cares what people think? You might be surprised at how many decide to join you in your youthful endeavors.

Keep up with technology

Don’t shy away from your computers and smart devices — use them. Create accounts on Facebook and Instagram and connect with your friends and family. Keep up with loved one’s posts and respond with short, thoughtful comments. Be sure to post your own interesting news and photos too. Also, learn how to text your friends and family with emojis and text speak, such as LOL and NBD. All it takes is a little daily practice. Not only will everyone be impressed with your abilities, but you’ll also have tons of fun in the process.

Hang out with your grandchildren

Interacting with young people is an excellent way to maintain a youthful outlook. You’ll get to see the world through their young eyes as well as hear about their ideas, favorite music, humor, among other things. Even if the grandkids are a little older, you’ll have a better understanding of their viewpoints and gain some of their vitality in the process.

Never stop traveling

Working as hard is you do/did, you likely went many years without going on fun trips. Stop missing out. Traveling is one of the best ways to keep your mind healthy and sharp. Seeing and experiencing new things gives the ability to experience childlike wonder while still gaining a worldly perspective. Plus you’ll have great stories to tell, especially if you are active on social media (mentioned above.) Don’t delay your dream trips any longer. Make plans now to see those places that you’ve always wanted to experience. You’ll be so glad you did.

Find your tribe

The best thing you can do to stay young at heart is to surround yourself with other happy, healthy, like-minded people such as yourself. Sometimes they might be tough to find, but they’re out there. That’s especially true here at Soleil. All that live in our community thrive on the youthful friendships that they’ve created. Plus we have so many amenities and activities that will remind you of when you were a fun-loving, carefree kid. Want to give it a try? Schedule your “Sneak-a-Peek” adventure today.