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Wintertime Activities

Georgia still has plenty of time left to enjoy the outdoors in crisp weather. Enjoy our mild winters by staying active on Soleil Laurel Canyon’s premium tennis courts, abundance of walking trails, or nearby Fairways of Canton golf course.

Need some inspiration for winter outdoor activities in and around Soleil? Take your dog for a walk and admire the holiday decorations around the community.  Or take a trip to nearby state parks such as Amicalola Falls or Tallulah Gorge for beautiful views and moderate hikes.



However, even Georgia can have occasional bad weather moments in the wintertime. Make sure to have dry goods, gallons of water, flashlights and a generator stored in your home in case of a weather emergency.

Stay active in Georgia this winter and always stay prepared. Call the sales center today at 678-880-3071 to learn how to become a part of Soleil Laurel Canyon community in Canton, Georgia.

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