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Be More Active This Winter: Here’s How

With the first day of winter right around the corner, thoughts of hunkering down under toasty blankets while indulging in warm beverages come to mind. Many prefer to stay at home when the days are chilly and short. But wintertime is one of the best times to get active. The cooler weather helps to burn more calories — which is especially beneficial if you’ve been enjoying a few too many holiday treats and feasts. So get up and get moving! Here are some ideas to help you avoid hibernating this winter.

Try a new fitness class

We have lots of heart-pumping fitness classes available here at Soleil. Schedule a session with our friendly personal trainer or try Yoga, Cardio, Tabata, or Tai-Chi. Each of these is light-cardio, low-impact, and utilize light-resistance unless you choose to make it more challenging. A new fitness class is an excellent way to kick off a new workout program.

Try “new to you” fitness equipment

The Fitness Room at Soleil houses more than just top-notch cardio machines. There are weight machines, stability balls, BOSU Ball balance trainers, mats, medicine balls, dumbbells, stretch bands, and a stretch bar. If you’re unsure how to use the equipment properly or need a refresher, Gina is happy to help.

Go for a swim

Oh yes, you can go for a swim in the winter. Our expansive, heated, indoor, saline lap pool makes it easy. If you’d like to try something other than laps, try our Turbo, Basic, or Aqua Sneakers classes. All three are excellent, low-impact workouts that are a lot of fun.

Go for a walk

If it’s too chilly to walk around our community, head to the fitness center and walk on the cushioned treadmills instead. The display screens show your progress and help pass the time quickly. Plus, the sunlit-filled windows in the Fitness Center let you look outside while you’re walking. Mall walking is an excellent indoor option too.

Play with the grandkids

Grandchildren love simple games. Get off the couch and play hide-and-go-seek, catch, or even tag. It’s easy to keep up with the little ones when you have longer legs than they do.

Dance the night away

We’ve got plenty of opportunities to go dancing this month at Soleil. See our events calendar for all the planned parties and gatherings. Or, better yet, give line dancing classes a try. Those are now being offered as a fitness class in the aerobics room. Dancing is so much fun; it’s easy to forget that you’re exercising.

Go bowling

Cherokee Lanes is conveniently located only about 5 miles away from our gates. And yes, it’s a leisure game, but it has several health benefits too. These include strengthened muscles from lifting a heavy bowling ball, improved balance and flexibility, and better hand-eye coordination. The bonus? You might give your social life a boost too.

Our 55+ community has so much to offer those that are young-at-heart. We happily put “active” in an active lifestyle here. To learn more and get in on the fun, contact us today.