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Experience the Design Center at Soleil Laurel Canyon

Design Center at Soleil Laurel Canyon
One of the most enjoyable parts of creating your dream home at Soleil Laurel Canyon is experiencing our Design Center. When you are building a house here, you won’t have to go to a lighting showroom here, then a plumbing showroom there, then a flooring outlet. Our Design Center, with its brilliant team of designers, makes the process much more manageable. You’ll find the center to be a warm and inviting place with a comprehensive selection of stylish options to choose from.

Custom Dream Home

You see, your home at Soleil is a lot more than merely floors, walls, and a roof. That’s why we offer our Design Center as a “one-stop shop” for most everything you need. Our team of professionals understands that you have a vision and are enthusiastic about making that dream into a reality. They not only help simplify the process of choosing your exterior and interior details, but can recommend ways to enhance it too.

Because everything is in one place, homebuyers can quickly see if their favorite countertops, cabinets, and flooring work well together …or not. And if they don’t quite match as imagined, it’s no big deal. Our friendly, experts are happy to show you additional beautiful options that work well together. No matter what, your new home will be as magnificent as you hoped it would be. The added bonus? No decision fatigue!

Work with design professional at Soleil

So, if an attractive, custom home in a wonderful community full of fun events, activities, and amenities, then you owe it to yourself to learn more. Visit us, and you’ll see that Soleil Laurel Canyon is not only surrounded by beautiful scenery, but it is also full of warm, welcoming people — your future neighbors. You can try out the Soleil lifestyle via our exclusive “Sneak-a-Peek” offering. It allows you to experience living in one of our impeccably designed homes for a few days while indulging in our events, activities, tennis (or golf), a delicious meal, and more. It’s an ideal way to truly comprehend what Soleil’s resort-style living is like. We can even take you on a tour of the Design Center if you wish. That way you’ll get to meet the friendly design team …and perhaps also get a headstart on choosing your favorite features for your new home. We’re not getting ahead of ourselves, are we? Ok, do this first — schedule your “Sneak-a-Peek” getaway today!