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Unleashing Your Creativity

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If you’re in or nearing retirement ( or let’s just call it, the next chapter), have you thought about what you’ll do with all your new-found free time? Perhaps you’re dreaming of doing absolutely nothing for a while. And that’s ok for a short bit of time, but retirement doesn’t mean you should take a break from creative endeavors too. After all, life can be pretty boring without some kind of intriguing challenge. Plus, some of the happiest retirees we know here at Soleil are those that are open to fun, creative pursuits.

Understand that creative time is not wasted time. Quite the contrary, actually. We, as humans, are born to be creative beings. It’s in our DNA to come up with unique solutions to problems. We are not meant to just sit around and watch time pass us by. To avoid that, here are some ways to better tap into your creative spirit:

Challenge yourself

Take up a new hobby, try a new sport, take a walk at a new park, play sudoku or a crossword puzzle, or try out a new class. You likely have passions that you’ve always wanted to pursue. Photography, art classes, playing an instrument, hiking, writing, whatever it may be, retirement is the perfect time to indulge in those endeavors.

Step away from social media

Those who indulge in social media and other web-based activities know that it can be quite the time-suck. Once you’re on Facebook or answering emails, it’s easy to lose track of time. So do your best to pull yourself away from Pinterest. (Unless, of course, you’re attempting to create something inspired from that site.)

Exercise and eat right

A healthy body makes for a healthy mind. You only get one brain and one body so take good care of both. Eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables along with getting regular exercise will help to keep your body limber and your mind sharp.

Create something new

It could be something as simple as baking a loaf of homemade bread or as intricate as piecing together a handmade quilt. Anytime you create something new, it helps to exercise your brain and improve your hand/eye coordination — all of which helps inspire your creativity in the long run.

Share and share alike

Whatever you create, attempt to share your projects with family and friends. Sharing your work gives you an opportunity to show off your projects. Your attempts at new things, good or bad, may impress others — or at the very least be a funny way to get a good laugh.

If you’re ready to better tap into your creative spirit, we have everything you need right here at Soleil. We offer lots of fun options, from art to Zumba, to help you reignite (or discover) your favorite creative passions. Come see for yourself how Soleil can enrich your life. Start planning your visit today.