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The Falany Performing Arts Center: What It Is and Why We Love It

Those that live at Soleil already know of and love the Falany Performing Arts Center. But for those that may not have heard of it before, we wanted to give you the scoop on what it is and provide you with useful information about this gem in our community. It’s one of the (many) great features of living in the Canton area, especially if you have any interest in the performing arts.

What is it?

The Falany Performing Arts Center is precisely that — a place to watch and enjoy an artful performance. It’s part of nearby Reinhardt University and is made up of two buildings that overlook beautiful Lake Mullenix. One building is Flint Hall, which is an impressive concert hall. The other is the Ken White Atrium, a gorgeous marble atrium. The main attraction of the center is its state-of-the-art acoustic and tunable stage. Guests come from miles around to experience the quality sound the concert hall provides, as it’s renown as one of the best in the Southeast.

What are the performances there?

The Falany Performing Arts Center has something for everyone. It offers a number of theatrical productions, including chamber groups, student productions, musicals, operas, movies, plays, famous speakers, “Cirque”-type acrobatic shows, as well as favorite musical ensembles such as The Drifters, The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, The Manhattan Transfer, The Celtic Tenors, and more. Guests love the intimate performances and the special meet-and-greets with the artists.

How much does it cost to attend?

Ticket prices for performances are very reasonably priced. They range from free, for something like a Reinhardt faculty recital, to $55 for the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. The latter is even less ($45-$50, depending on seats) if you are a senior. What’s more, parking is free for everyone.

Where is it?

The Falany Performing Arts Center is a part of Reinhardt University. It is located just seven miles from the entrance of Soleil at 7300 Reinhardt Circle. It’s on Georgia Highway 140 (also known as Reinhardt College Parkway), near the main campus in Waleska.

How can I experience it for myself?

The Falany Performing Arts Center is an easy and fun place to check out while you’re taking a Sneak Peek at Soleil. Take a look at their upcoming performances and be sure to attend one during your stay with us. You’ll not only get to enjoy a great show, but you’ll also get to experience what life is like at Soleil. Start planning your exclusive Sneak-a-Peek stay today.