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Summertime Eats to Share

Summer is the best time of the year to bring friends and family together over delicious foods in your beautiful Soleil home. Utilize the in-season fruits and veggies and check out these recipes that are perfect to share with loved ones at family gatherings, or at your next club meeting at Soleil. Check out your local farmers market for some of these ingredients and even Soleil’s on-site garden!

Watermelon Pizza- This refreshing and delicious dish is a perfect snack or dessert to share with friends. Trade all the carbs (and guilt) of a regular pizza for the fresh fruits of this dish, found here.

watermelon pizza

 Photo credit: Good Housekeeping

Corn Salad- Summer corn can enhance any recipe, and this salad is no exception. This corn salad is a perfect side to any meal, and your guests won’t be able to get enough! Check out this Food Network recipe here.

corn salad

Photo credit: Food Network

 Fried Pickled Okra- No one can resist this southern classic. Okra is one of the tastiest summer veggies, especially when prepared this way.  This appetizer is perfect for hosting! See the full recipe here.


Photo credit: Southern Lady

Teriyaki Chicken & Pineapple Yakitori- “Wow” your guests without the hassle. This meal is easy to prepare and brings a sweet summer flavor to a traditional dish. Plus, skewers make any entrée easy to serve and easy to enjoy. Find the recipe here.


Photo credit: Delish

No-bake S’mores Bars- Enjoy the taste of the most classic summer dessert without the mess. These no-bake s’mores bars will be the star of the show; check out the recipe here.


Photo credit: Turnip the Oven

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