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Fall ACTIVities

According to NIHseniorhealth.com, moderate physical activity helps prevent chronic diseases, improves mood and lowers chances of injury. Enjoy the crisp, cool air of fall by taking a hike outside or break a sweat indoors with some fun fall exercise.

According to a Journal of the American Geriatric Society study, hiking for at least four hours a week lowers your risk of being hospitalized due to a heart attack or other cardiovascular activities. Take a hike on the Sutallee Trail, a 5.2-mile trail along the Etowah River. This trail is moderate and is accessible year-round.

Dance classes
In addition to being fun, it is also good for you. Here at Soleil, we are always offering classes to get your body moving, such as Zumba. Check our calendar to see what’s coming up next.

Tai Chi
Are you on the adventurous side? Researchers found that people who regularly practiced Tai Chi were less likely to have high blood pressure and were physically stronger. Featuring slow, repetitive movements, it is the perfect exercise for any age.
Try some Tai Chi in Soleil’s aerobics room, a perfect open space for self-guided exercise when classes are not in session.

Try your hand at some fun fall exercise around the community. Become a resident now to experience all that Soleil has to offer. Call the Sales Center at 678-880-3071.