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Fun Activities to Boost Social Capital

staying social good for aging
We all know that financial investments are a critical factor for success and happiness in retirement. But it’s not just about the money. Investing in social connections is vital too. Not long ago we discussed the importance of social capital as we get older. To expand on that, here are some fun activities to expand your network of friends in your golden years:

Go back to school

You have to admit that school could be a lot of fun. Who says you can’t go back? You’re never too old to learn. We’re lucky to have the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) conveniently located at nearby Kennesaw State University. Taking classes there (or any other educational establishment) is excellent for brain health. Plus, you get to grow and interact with students and faculty of all ages.

Go back to work

Rather than “flipping the switch” and retiring completely, many find that easing into retirement is a better option. You could get a part-time job, create your own side business, or do consulting, just to name a few ideas. All will help you expand your professional network.

Join a club

Joining clubs and organizations are a perfect way to boost your social capital. It’s often challenging to make and keep friends later in life, but getting involved in clubs will help you create long-lasting friendships. At Soleil, we understand the importance of this. We have over 50 social clubs that cover everything from the arts to Zumba.

Get fit

Lucky for us, we have a fantastic fitness director and staff who provide multiple athletic classes at our 30,000+ sqft clubhouse. Those classes are an excellent way not only to get physically fit, but they offer a way to make new friends too. From water aerobics in our indoor/outdoor pools to pickleball on our well-maintained courts, there’s something for everyone here.


There are so many ways to volunteer your time throughout your community. It’s a rewarding way to meet new people and strengthen your social networks. At Soleil, for example, our Veterans Club does projects that support homeless or wounded veterans. They also meet regularly to socialize, share experiences, learn about current veterans’ affairs and Veterans Administration benefits and policies. Of course, there is The Optimist Club too, which is involved in tons of gratifying volunteer projects.

Get social

Online, that is. Creating an online presence is an excellent way to interact and maintain relationships with friends and families that live farther away. Believe it or not, according to the Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project, the 74+ demographic is the fastest-growing group across web-based social networks. If not already, you can start by creating a Facebook account then “friending” your relatives and friends. Don’t forget to follow our page to interact with current and future Soleil residents too.

The lifestyle at Soleil provides so many ways to enhance and strengthen your social connections. Come see for yourself! Start planning your visit today.