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Why Georgia Is One of the Best Places to Retire

Georgia one of best places to retireWondering if Georgia is a good place to retire? Wonder no more. Our state has tons going for it — we’ve got a good economy, great weather, interesting history, a beautiful environment, not to mention that wonderful Southern charm. The best part? You get a lot of bang for your buck here too. When it comes to retirement, Georgia should be on your mind. (See what we did there?) Here’s why:

Georgia has a low cost of living

For those that have lived on the west coast or in the northeastern parts of the US, you’ve likely grown accustomed to those more expensive locales. Living in Georgia costs considerably less. In fact, Sperling’s currently reports that Georgia’s cost of living index is only 93.2. The national average is 100, so anything below that number means that it’s a more inexpensive place to live. For comparison’s sake, New York, NY has a cost of living score of 180 — almost half of Georgia’s score! Also, it’s important to note that Georgia’s real estate prices are low. The current median value of a home in Georgia is currently $159,100 (according to Zillow.com), which is well under the current national median value of $202,700.

Georgia is very tax-friendly to retirees

In fact, so tax-friendly that it was touted in Kiplinger’s “10 Best States to Protect Your Retirement Nest Egg From Taxes.” The state income tax and sales taxes are low. What’s more, Social Security Income is exempt from state taxes. It’s also important to note that food and prescription drugs are exempt from Georgia’s sales tax. Property tax collections are below the national average, and full-time residents qualify for the home exemption. Even better, seniors are typically eligible for additional property tax deductions. Last, but not least, there is no estate/inheritance tax.

Georgia is ideal for those who love to travel

Nearby Atlanta is known as a major travel hub for a good reason.Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is the busiest in the world. No matter where you want to fly, our airport offers one of the most efficient and easiest ways to get to your destination. And if you aren’t into flying, that’s ok. Amtrak provides train service that can quickly whisk you away to the northeastern states of the US or directly west towards New Orleans and beyond.

Georgia offers a wide variety of terrains

Our state is unique in that it includes multiple interesting terrains and environments to explore. We have mountains to the north, the plains to the south, and unspoiled Atlantic coastland to the east. Even better, all of these are within easy driving distance. So whether you’re more of a “lake life” person or a “salt life” person, Georgia has you covered either way.

Georgia weather is excellent

You don’t have to worry too much about snow here! It’s a rarity in Georgia. During the colder months of winter, you may find some dustings or small amounts of accumulation in the northern-most regions of the state, but that’s about it. Our climate is defined as humid-subtropical, which means that summers are hot and humid and the winters are mild. Here you get to enjoy four distinct seasons.

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