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Relocating for Retirement? Consider These 5 Factors

retirement communityAll your life you’ve worked hard toward the goal of retirement. Usually, by that time, you’re an “empty nester” and ready to start a fantastic new chapter of your life. One that is less stressful and more fun. One that lets you enjoy an active and exciting lifestyle. Most often, relocating is the key to these ideal retirement goals. To find the best place for you, consider these important factors:

Location, location, location

Trite, but true. There are three critical factors to remember when scouting out potential retirement locations. One – be close to a large city (like Atlanta, for example) that provides access to better travel, educational, cultural, and healthcare opportunities. Two – consider the standard of living, as your hard-earned dollars will go a lot further in a state like Georgia as opposed to sunny (but expensive) California. And three – take into account the geography. Sure, a home on a mountaintop has stunning views but will you be able to easily go for a stroll on your steep driveway and adjoining roads? Conversely, living someplace super-flat can also be super-boring. Most enjoy scenic rolling terrain that gives you the best of both worlds. Our location in Canton, Georgia is an excellent example of a place that offers the best of all three factors.


Climate should be a big factor when relocating. If you live in the northern part of the country, you may want to escape the snow and chill of winter. Alternatively, you may not want blazing hot summers either. Opt for a place like the North Georgia Mountains. It offers an ideal climate that has warm weather, yet still offers four distinct seasons throughout the year.

Events and activities

Be sure that there are recreational programs that fit the new lifestyle you desire. For retirees, it’s smart to look at a well-run 55+ active adult community with a busy event calendar. The best ones provide a wide variety of activities, from those that do the body good, like golf, tennis, and swimming, to ones that are more relaxing, like social gatherings, hobby clubs, and educational seminars.


When looking for a new place to live, note the demographics of the neighborhood. Does it consist of mostly young families, like at a typical subdivision? Or, in the case of a resort-style community, are most of the residents part-timers? It will be a challenge to make new friends when few live there on a full-time basis.


Once you have a short list, make an effort to visit the places you’re considering. Spend a few days at each to fully immerse yourself in your potential new lifestyle. With our exclusive Sneak-A-Peek offering you can easily envision the good life at Soleil Laurel Canyon. We are starting our last phase of development, so don’t wait. Make plans to visit us soon.