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Light November Dishes

November is all about giving thanks, enjoying time with friends and family and eating great food. As the holiday season approaches, it can be difficult to maintain an active lifestyle. Try these lighter, healthier treats to help you get through this holiday season.

Instead of sugary candied yams, try glazed sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are a good source of vitamin C, which helps maintain the skin’s elasticity. Sweet potatoes also help support a healthy immune system.


Photo credit: Lauren Schmitt

Boxed stuffing can pack on the sodium! Make your own stuffing with fresh vegetables and gluten-free cornbread. This dish with leave your stomach and heart happy.


Photo credit: Sally Kravich

Everyone loves a classic pecan pie. Try a healthy vegan pumpkin “cheese” cake for the same great taste with much fewer calories.


Photo credit: Melissa Costello

All of these delicious recipes can be found here. While enjoying these treats, don’t forget to stay active! Take a walk on one of Soleil’s walking trails, swim laps at Soleil’s indoor pool or enjoy the cooler weather while playing bocce ball.

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