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10 Reasons to Buy a New Home vs a Resale Home

advantages of buying a new home
When you’re in the market for a new place to live, you’ve got tons of choices. To help narrow it down, the first thing to decide on is whether you prefer a brand new or a resale home. But how do you choose? Both have their advantages, but you just can’t beat a newly built place versus one that’s already been lived in. Consider these benefits:

1) You get to choose your homesite
If you plan to build a brand new home, you often get to choose your ideal piece of property to situate it on. This makes it a lot easier to obtain things that you desire, like a wooded view or a site that has a bit more privacy. Or perhaps you prefer a lot that is closer to your favorite community amenities, putting them within easy walking distance of your house. Or maybe you wish for a larger lot rather than a small one. No matter what, it’s nice to know the choice is yours.

2) You get to choose your foundation
Some people love living on a slab. Some prefer having a basement (and the extra space and other advantages it provides.) As you know, a sloping site is more conducive to a basement and a level lot is more fitting for a slab. As long as you pick a site that can adequately handle the foundation, you can get what you want, not what you’re stuck with.

3) You get to choose your floorplan
Choosing the way your home’s floorplan is an excellent advantage. There are no sacrifices, as you won’t have to settle for things — such as two bedrooms as opposed to three, or the lack of a half bath, or not having the cheerful sun porch you always wanted.

4) You get to customize your home design
If the floorplan you’ve chosen offers a patio, but you’d prefer a screened-in porch, that change is and easy one. If you wish to have a fireplace built in the living room, it can be added to the construction plan. If you want to have a bay window in your master bedroom, it’s a simple switch. Customizations such as these are much easier and cheaper to obtain when building a new home as opposed to incorporating them later in a resale.

5) You get to choose your design details
It’s fun to pick and choose all your exterior and interior design details. And if the process gets a little daunting, you can work with a knowledgeable design team that can help you pick everything out to your exact specifications.

6) You gain better energy efficiency
A new home will have the latest and greatest home equipment to keep it cool in the summer and warm in the winter. New, energy-efficient HVAC, water heater, windows, doors, and insulation will all help in keeping your utility bills surprisingly low.

7) You’ll have fewer maintenance requirements
New homes come with new everything. You won’t have to worry about updating or replacing the roof, siding, windows, home equipment, flooring, or even your appliances any time soon. With an older resale home, you’ll likely have to replace at least one or two of these expensive items in the near term.

8) You get warranties
A brand new home comes with warranties to rely on if something should break. It’s very reassuring to know that your house has builder’s, structural, and manufacturer’s warranties that can cover unexpected failures.

9) No weird odors
A newly constructed home has a pleasant, new home smell. It’s nice to know that you don’t have to worry about funky odors and stains from previous owners — especially from those that smoked, cooked a lot of spicy foods, or had poorly trained pets. Or all three. Ew.

10) You’re the first to live in it
Stepping foot into your very own, brand new, personally customized home is a feeling like no other. It’s perfect for you in every way, and it’s all yours!

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