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4 Signs It’s Time to Move to a New 55+ Home


Have you ever had the feeling that it’s time to move to a new home? Many often do, especially for those in their fifties. It’s a pivotal point in life but in a good way. Visions of an idyllic future are finally within reach. But how do you know when it’s time to move? Here are some signs to be aware of:

Your nest is empty

It’s surprising how quiet the house becomes once the kids have moved out. When they’ve “flown the coop” parents usually find that their homes now have large voids in both space and sound. Both often prompt feelings of loneliness. Suddenly there’s a need to downsize (or “right-size”) to a home that is a better fit and be someplace that is full of life, happy vibes, and good energy — a place like Soleil Laurel Canyon.

You’re sick of mowing the lawn

At our 55+ community, we not only keep impeccably landscaped grounds, but we maintain your yard too. That’s right. No longer will you have to buy all the equipment, purchase oil and fuel for those machines, lug them around, or store them. Even in the heat of summer, our knowledgable landscaping partners will trim your shrubs, mow your yard, do the edging, and blow all of your leaves and grass clippings, so you don’t have to. It’s one of the great pleasures of living at Soleil.

You’re ready for an upgrade

Do you sometimes find yourself complaining about where you live? Or want to escape things, such things as a cold climate, high taxes, or a busy city environment? Whether you wish for a better home or a better lifestyle, a 55+ community likes ours satisfies both. Here, thoughtfully designed, perfectly-sized homes abound, each appointed with luxurious upgrades. What’s more, our wide variety of community amenities help those who want to be more active and add more zest to their lives.

You’ve got FOMO

FOMO is known as “fear of missing out.” It could refer to anything that you are curious about. Are there family members or grandkids that live in the Atlanta area that you’d like to spend more time with? Is there a hobby, pastime, or passionate pursuit you’d like to learn about or rediscover? Do you wish to make new friends in a fun-loving community with happy, like-minded people? The more areas of your life that feel stagnate, the more you should listen to your inner voice saying you should move to a place that can help minimize those feelings of FOMO.

Perhaps you’re waiting for a flash of inspiration, the advice of a good friend, or a coincidental blog post such as this one to strike a chord with you. Whatever your catalyst for change, we know that moving to a new place can be an awesome, life-changing experience…and it’s not something to be taken lightly. That’s why we offer an exclusive “Sneak-a-Peek” experience for those who’d like to take the Soleil life for a test-drive. For a few days, you’ll get to live on-site in one of our beautiful homes, interact with residents, and enjoy our wide variety of amenities, special events, and fun activities. What do you have to lose? Don’t miss out — schedule your “Sneak-a-peek” experience today.