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Say No to FOMO and Live the Good Life at Soleil Instead


If you hadn’t already learned about the term “FOMO” from our last blog post, then let’s help you get acquainted. Pronounced “foh-moh,” it’s a catchy term that your kids and grandkids have likely uttered. We bet they’d admire you if you’re able to use it in a sentence properly. One like, “Wow, look at all the fun those Soleil Laurel Canyon residents are having. It’s giving me major FOMO!” So, what is FOMO? defines it like this: “Short for fear of missing out, FOMO is an anxious feeling you get when you feel other people might be having a good time without you.” As mentioned in the example sentence, our residents certainly have a wonderful time living here. Those who don’t, well, they typically get that FOMO feeling. But there’s a way to fix that. With only 57 opportunities left to live at Soleil, here’s how to just say no to FOMO.

As the famous shoe brand famously touts, just do it. If the fear of missing out on something becomes too great, then one of the best ways to rid yourself of that feeling is, quite simply, to stop missing out. You’ve worked your whole life to enjoy the good life. If you are 55+, then what’s stopping you? It’s time to get the ball rolling. It doesn’t have to be hard. You can start by taking the Soleil lifestyle for a trial run. Our “Sneak-a-Peek” offering gives you the ability to live here for a few days. That way, you’ll see and experience what our residents get to enjoy daily. Things like:

An amazing social life

Did you know that having strong social capital is a key contributor to good health? At Soleil we do, and it’s a cinch to make new acquaintances here. Through our many fun social events, clubs, fitness programs, trips, and other activities, there are tons of opportunities to meet and befriend lots of wonderful people. The lifestyle at Soleil provides tons of ways to enhance and strengthen your social connections. Getting involved in clubs, and other organized activities will help you create fantastic, long-lasting friendships.

A healthy and fit lifestyle

Whether you’re looking to lose a few pounds, get toned, improve your cardio, or boost your mood, all are achievable at Soleil Laurel Canyon. We’ve got the facilities, activities, and friendly folks that can help you reach your health goals with ease. Outside our clubhouse is a large, lagoon-style ‘walk-in’ pool. There’s also an indoor pool, jacuzzi spa, and saunas to enjoy. It’s easy to get a great workout in the well-equipped fitness center with an aerobics studio, or our tennis center with pickleball courts, or the Fairways of Canton golf course right next door.

A gorgeous home

Soleil offers Cottage, Traditional, and Craftsman-style homes that are swoon-worthy. All of our designer floor plans are open and elegant, with attractive details that make an appealing impact. Examples include 11-foot ceilings, satin nickel hardware fixtures, marble vanities, and designer lighting. Even better, our low-maintenance homes include complete yard maintenance. (This is where we get to introduce you to the word JOMO. That means the “joy of missing out” — on mowing the yard, that is!)

Ready to stop missing out on the good life? Time is running out. As of this writing, there are only 57 opportunities left to live at Soleil. So just do it! Ditch the fear and contact us today.