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Exercise Your Brain to Improve Your Memory


Do you sometimes feel like your memory is diminishing as the years go by? If so, there are things you can do about it. Regular exercise (like walking, swimming, and fitness classes) have been shown to prevent age-related brain illnesses. But there are other exercises you can do to help improve your ability to remember more. Give some of these a try to give your brainpower a boost.

Drive a new route home

Often it feels like we’re on auto-pilot when we are driving around to appointments and running errands. Do yourself a favor and try taking a different route home. It will make you more alert and expand your thought process. Plus you’ll see and notice new things, and you may even make some great discoveries (like a time-saving shortcut, or a great new store) along the way.

Repeat it out loud

Struggling to remember a phone number? A significant fact or figure? Studies have shown that to better remember something important; it’s best to read it out loud. The act of speaking text out loud helps to get it fixed into your long-term memory.

Take up a new sport

When you engage in a new sport, it’s not only good for your physical health; it’s great for your brain too. Playing a new sport uses both body and mind. It is an endeavor that improves hand-eye coordination as well. So if you’re curious about playing something new, like pickleball, for example, give it a go. You’ll be doing yourself some good in more ways than one.

Try a new recipe

When you cook up a new cuisine, you’ll be exercising your mind in multiple ways. You’ll be following a recipe, measuring ingredients, and figuring out how to best chop, stir, slice, and dice. Not only that but you’ll be stimulating different parts of your brain with new tastes, textures, and scents. Sure, it may take a little while to create something new to nosh on, but it’ll be worth it — especially since you’ll end up with something yummy to eat.

Take a class

Just because you’re older doesn’t mean you should stop going to school, much less, learning. Challenge yourself with an enjoyable, educational class. Learn a new language, how to play chess, try out a new instrument, or take up a new hobby. A new craft, such as painting, drawing, and knitting, or a playing new instrument, has the added benefit of improving your fine motor skills.

Use your non-dominant hand

It will feel weird to do it but change up mundane tasks by using your non-dominant hand. Things, like folding laundry, putting groceries away, eating, and brushing your teeth, will all feel like whole new adventures when you use your opposite hand. This exercise does a great job of exercising parts of your brain that can (and should be) utilized more often.

Connect with new people

When you expand your network of friends, you expose yourself to new ways of thinking. New people often have fresh ideas and ways doing things that you may not have pondered before. Meeting and chatting with them offers a great way to stimulate your mind, widen your world view, and broaden your thinking process. (Point of note: This is so easy to do at Soleil. We have tons of fun social activities, meet and greets, and events here.)

Speaking of meeting new people, we’d love to meet you too. Stop by and visit us soon for an experience you won’t soon forget. Come see why living at Soleil is good for your mind, body, and soul.