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Love a Cozy Home? Hurry to Soleil Today

Ambrose Model Available
For those that are in the know, “cozy,” in real estate terms, can often mean “small.” And yes, if you are looking to right-size to a smaller home, now is the time to come to Soleil. How come? Believe it or not, we are only three sales away from being completely sold out of our three most efficient (ahem “cozy,”) detached home plans.

There are tons of reasons to consider downsizing to a brand new, smaller home. You could trade in your current mortgage for a paid-off house. Your utility bills could be lower since you won’t have to air condition and heat a lot of empty rooms. And just think of the boost your savings on both can give your retirement fund.

What’s more, you’ll gain back time. Why? Because you won’t have to spend a lot of time and effort constantly dusting, vacuuming, and tidying up your place. Instead, you can devote your schedule toward much more cheerful endeavors. Things like hanging out with new friends, playing a sport like pickleball or golf, tending to your hobbies, swimming in the pool, walking the trails, going to fun club meetings …you get the idea. Time is priceless, especially in the golden years of our lives. Make it count! Don’t waste time doing a ton of housework. Or yard work for that matter. You won’t have to do much of either when you live at Soleil.

But here’s the thing. Our three most “cozy” floor plans actually give you a lot of bang for your buck. Believe it or not, they feel quite spacious. All three are cleverly designed to look very light, bright, and open.

The Ambrose is the smallest of the plans. Yet, at 1418 sq. ft., it includes two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a dining room, a laundry room, a study, and more.

Just slightly larger is The Dalton, at 1678 sq. ft. It also offers two bedrooms and two bathrooms, a study, laundry, and dining room, plus a bigger walk-in pantry and master bedroom closet.

The Emerson plan is the largest of our “cozy” homes at 1825 sq. ft. In addition to the rooms already mentioned above, it also provides a larger foyer, family room, and kitchen area.

All three plans offer welcoming covered porches in the front and covered patios in the back. All three also provide a two-car garage. As you can tell, these homes are nowhere near “tiny house” living. It’ll feel like you’re living large since you’ll have all the space you’ll ever want or need.

Do you feel like you’re ready to right-size to a new home and upgrade your life? Time is running out. Hurry to Soleil today.