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Getting Older: 6 Reasons to Enjoy Aging

At a young age, we quickly learn that there are a lot of negative beliefs around what it feels like to get “old.” But then, as the birthdays go by (faster and faster, it seems) people often discover there are many reasons to enjoy getting older. Don’t dread the process — embrace it. Here are six reasons why:

You don’t feel “old”

Many people that are age 50 and up don’t consider themselves as “older adults.” Most tend to feel younger than their numerical age. Research has discovered that, even though people know they are aging, they feel around twenty percent younger than their actual age. Those in their sixties feel like they are in their forties, those in their seventies feel like they are in their fifties, and those in their eighties feel like they are in their fifties.

Knowledge is crystallized

We all know you’re never too old to learn something new. When you do, it refers to something called “fluid” intelligence. That’s when you use logical thinking to navigate unfamiliar situations and solve problems. “Crystallized” intelligence, however, refers to the information and skills you’ve already mastered. Older people have had a lot of time to gain that type of knowledge and use it to their advantage. Even better, that intelligence continues to expand as you get older.

Drama is easily dropped

With maturity comes wisdom, especially when it comes to social conflicts. It’s been found that those in their sixties have a better ability to manage and resolve social dilemmas than those that are younger than them. Even if your not in your sixties yet, consider yourself wise beyond your years if you’re able to easily ditch dramatic situations.

Immunity is stronger

No, you didn’t read that incorrectly. Unlike children, a mature adult’s immune system is fully developed. In fact, from your forties to your early seventies, your “immune memory” is the strongest it will ever be. This means that it recognizes and remembers all the bad bugs and viruses that you’ve ever been exposed to. Building immunity against all of those decreases your chances of getting sick.

Allergies and migraines diminish

For most, the older you get, the less severe your allergy symptoms become. What’s more, migraine headaches and the pain associated with them decrease as well. In fact, “only 10% of women and 5% of men over the age of 70 still report migraines.” What a relief!

Happiness increases

Contrary to popular belief, grumpiness diminishes, and happiness increases with age. For most people, “old age” brings a state of contentment. Those over the age of 50 typically put more of a focus on positive events rather than on negative ones. They also tend to have better financial well-being and, as a result, are less anxious and stressed.

As you can clearly see, there are several benefits to aging. One more to consider is that (if you’re over the age of 55) you qualify to live in one of the best active-adult communities in the country. Among other prestigious accolades, Soleil Laurel Canyon was named one of the “50 Best Neighborhoods in the U.S.” by Where to Retire Magazine. Now that you’re older, it’s finally time to reward yourself and experience the life you’ve worked so hard to enjoy. Contact us today.