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10 Things You Should Know About Retiring to Georgia – Part 2

blue ridge mountains

Retiring to Georgia is a smart idea. If part one of this blog series didn’t convince you, keep reading. We’ve included the remaining 10 things you should know about retiring to Georgia and added a bonus factor at the end.

6 – Salt life serenity

If you’re an ocean lover, Georgia has you covered. Our Atlantic ocean beaches are just a few hours drive away. Stretching for approximately 100 miles, Georgia’s Coast encompasses one of America’s most beautiful cities, Savannah, to the north, and the wild horses of Cumberland Island to the south. Be sure to see the historic forts and enjoy the lovely, moss-draped live oaks throughout that part of the state.

7 – Lake life liaisons

If you’re more of a mountain and lake person, then you’re in luck. The Blue Ridge Mountains are a beautiful asset in north Georgia. Lakes and streams abound, as well as top-notch vistas, waterfalls, hiking, fishing, and other fun activities — like exploring Georgia’s Wine Country.

8 – Your dollar goes further

At about 7% below the U.S. average, Georgia residents get to benefit from a lower than average cost of living. Aside from tax savings mentioned above, much of the savings are found in the prices of housing, food, clothing, and entertainment.

9 – Low crime rate

Georgia rates 15th nationally in terms of the crime rate. Of course, considering a state as a whole is not the most accurate portrayal. However, many communities are incredibly safe. For example, our town of Canton, ranked number 43 out of the top 50 safest cities in the entire state of Georgia.

10 – Lower health care expenses

Health care costs are particularly nominal for retirees, as Georgia has the sixth lowest average costs for retired couples in the country. According to Kiplinger, the health care costs for a retired couple in Georgia are $404,460, while the average for the U.S. is $423,523. The amount may vary depending on one’s health and longevity — which is all the more reason to take part in an active, healthy lifestyle.

Bonus – Southern Hospitality

If you come to Georgia, don’t be surprised if a stranger smiles, says hello, and strikes up a friendly conversation with you. Southern hospitality is alive and well in our state. We take great pleasure in making people feel welcome here — just like we do at Soleil. Come to experience it for yourself — start planning your visit today.