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The Benefits of Living in a Gated Community

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If you’ve never lived in a gated community before, we wanted to let you know that it certainly has its benefits. Some are pretty obvious, but some you may not have previously considered. Check out these advantages:

Slower vehicle speeds

Vehicles that turn from a busy main road into a residential community often continue to drive faster than they should. However, a gated community makes drivers come to a full stop before they enter. This gives drivers the opportunity to be more cognizant of their environment and to reset their speed to one that’s more appropriate — especially for a quiet neighborhood like ours.

Better security

This one is fairly apparent, but a manned gatehouse and gated entrance are by themselves, an excellent visual deterrent for thieves. Burglars and vandals will typically go for much easier targets rather than try to breach a manned security gate.

Improved pedestrian safety

Those who enjoy going outside for a stroll, jog, or to walk their dogs, can do so knowing that they’ll be safer than those who walk on a busy main road. This is due to the lower vehicle speeds and higher security mentioned above.

Boosted property values

While home values in a gated community are often more expensive than those in a non-gated community, their values usually have a higher propensity to increase. This is due to building codes, a strong HOA, and exclusivity due to limited space.

A feeling of exclusivity

You’ve got to admit; it’s somewhat of a status symbol to live in a gated community. Only certain (dare we say, elite?) people are allowed entry, giving you the feeling that you live in a special, exclusive place.

Controlled access

Any visitors to the community are required to stop and must be granted access to enter. This feature provides an accurate record of those who come and go, and it also results in much less unwanted traffic in the neighborhood.

More privacy

And speaking of unwanted traffic, living in a gated community means that you won’t have to worry about solicitors and other strangers coming to your door. No longer will you have to deal with pushy salespeople!

Tighter-knit community

With the controlled comings and goings of people in a gated community, residents are more in tune with who belongs and who doesn’t. This results in the freedom to better enjoy and trust your fellow neighbors.

Want to check out our secure, friendly community for yourself? Let’s get in touch and start planning your visit today. (PS – We promise to grant you easy access through the security gate too.) See you soon!