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5 Tips for Beating the Wintertime Blues

winter blues
How are you feeling this winter? Have the post-holiday doldrums set in yet? Wintertime can be a tough time of year for many who experience sadness during the shorter, colder days of the year, especially after the holidays are over. Don’t give in to the gloom. Instead, try some of these tips for beating the wintertime blues.

Go socialize

Get out of the house and interact with good people — particularly those who love and care about you. Being cooped up inside all day does nothing but make for a bad case of cabin fever. Go for a walk with a friend, enjoy a meal with a family member, try a new class at the gym, attend a club meeting, or go out on a limb and give karaoke a shot. No matter what you decide to do, go. You’ll come home feeling happier and more content than when you left.

Eat healthy foods

Sure, grabbing a bag of fast food is the easiest option, but it does little to make you feel your best. Instead, aim to prepare simple, healthy meals at home. Go for a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as complex carbohydrates. Consider steel-cut oats for breakfast, a hearty vegetable soup for lunch, and a dinner salad filled with good, satiating fats, like avocado and EVOO, are all excellent choices. Do your best to keep sweets like sodas and sugary desserts to a minimum.

Enjoy the sunshine

Sunlight is a natural mood booster, so get out in it whenever the opportunity strikes. That warm sunshine helps with the proper absorption of calcium and building strong bones, both of which we need to pay close attention to as we age. Even if you’re indoors, open your blinds and curtains to let the natural light and radiant heat into your home. The bright light of day has reportedly helped alleviate symptoms of Seasonal Affectiveness Disorder (SAD), which is an affliction more common in northern climates. Lucky for us, our location in Georgia offers milder winters with plenty of sun-filled days. (Fun fact: “Soleil” is the French word for “sun.”)

Get good sleep

Good sleep hygiene is a critical part of getting proper rest. Improve yours by going to bed and getting up at the same time each day. The routine helps to get your body into a rhythm of knowing when to sleep and when to rise. Also, refrain from drinking too much caffeine and alcohol late and the day or evening. Avoid looking at screens, like your smartphone, TV, or computer, as the blue light emanating from those can interfere with your natural circadian rhythms. Instead, opt to read a book in bed until your eyes get heavy, turn out the light, and you’ll usually find a nice, deep slumber will soon follow.

Exercise often

Studies have shown that regular exercise is highly effective for easing feelings of sadness and depression. Try to do anything that gets your heart pumping – whether a brisk walk, pickleball session, round of golf, or a water aerobics class — the physical activity is good “medicine” for your mind, body, and spirit. You have to admit that it’s certainly better than sitting around the house and doing nothing.

Are you sitting around the house and doing nothing? Let’s change that. At Soleil, we have plenty of social activities, fun exercise options, and lots of sunshiney days throughout the year. Contact us today to learn more about what it’s like to live in our award-winning, 55+ community. You’ll be glad you did.