Beat the Summer Heat: 10 Indoor Activities to Keep You Cool | Soleil

Beat the Summer Heat: 10 Indoor Activities to Keep You Cool

We all know that summer in Georgia can get hot, hot hot! Here are 10 activities to keep you cool in the summer heat:

  1. Arts and Crafts- Learn how to knit, crochet or even make pottery. Soleil Laurel Canyon has a full arts and crafts room complete with two kilns.
  2. Play Card Games- Step up your card game this summer. Join the bridge club or poker club at Soleil to test out your skills with fellow residents.
  3. Perfect Your Cooking Skills- Buy your favorite cookbook and get a new apron! There are plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables ripe in the summer that makes cooking new dishes a breeze. You can even take a class in the Soleil clubhouse kitchen to perfect your culinary skills. For some recipe inspiration, you can purchase Soleil Laurel Canyon’s cookbook for $15, please call the Clubhouse at 678-493-5710 for more information.
  4. Read a Book- Summer is the time for some new reading. Check out Barnes and Nobles’ top 100 best sellers’ list recommendations. For a social setting, Soleil has book clubs for residents to discuss literature with their peers.
  5. Play Some Pool- Play a pool game with your partner or start a group league. Soleil has a billiard room open to residents every day.
  6. Swim…Indoors!- Head to Soleil’s expansive indoor saline lap pool for a workout without the sweat.
  7. Get Your Fitness On- Try Zumba, yoga or pilates. These fitness activities can be done indoors or outdoors. Try your skills at the Soleil aerobics room.
  8. Catch a Show- Discover the monthly entertainment options on the Soleil events calendar. From wine tastings to trivia to comedy night, Soleil has plenty of options for indoor activities.
  9. Board Games Galore! Have a family game night and play some classic board games like monopoly or chutes and ladders. Soleil residents can join the chess club or mahjong club for some fun games of skill!
  10. Learn a New Instrument- There’s no time like the present to gain new skills. Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn how to play the guitar, piano or the violin. There are plenty of places in Canton for Soleil residents to learn a new instrument, such as Canton Music Shoppe.

Want to join Soleil for access to all of the summer indoor fun? Call the Sales Center at 678-880-3071 to learn how to become a part of Soleil Laurel Canyon community.