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Get Outdoors: North Georgia Hikes Near Soleil

It always feels good to get some fresh air, especially when you’re surrounded by peaceful scenery. Hiking may seem daunting to some, but these hikes are relaxing and a good way to get energized. Soleil is close to some beautiful hikes in north Georgia — so go ahead, get outside and enjoy the scenic views! Residents can even join the Soleil hiking club to explore all that the area has to offer with their fellow community members.

Five Fruits and Vegetables That Are Best in August

When fruits and vegetables are in season, it means cheaper prices, richer nutrients and better taste. Check out which fruits and vegetables are in season during the month of August in Georgia. You may find some of them at Soleil’s Garden Center, or at the nearby Canton Farmer’s Market to use in these healthy summer recipes. If you enjoy gardening, consider joining the Soleil Garden Club to channel your inner green thumb!

Let’s Get Fit!

Being fit is not only about looking good, it’s about feeling good. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention recently completed a research study showing that exercise leads to improved physical function and reduced disability in older adults, according to researchers at the University of Washington’s Health Promotion Research Center.

Socialize with Soleil!

Do you love bridge? What about sports such as tennis or golf? At Soleil Laurel Canyon, we offer over 50on-site social groups for all interests. Residents can mingle with fellow community members while doing longtime activities they love or exploring new interests. Check out a sample of social clubs offered at Soleil:

Spend Your 4th of July in Canton

Summer is in full swing here at Soleil, which means the Fourth of July is just around the corner. We’ve been soaking up the sun and enjoying ourselves here, but don’t miss out on fun in the town this weekend! If you’re staying in town, there are plenty of activities Canton boasts to celebrate our nation’s Independence Day.